living room

our steam of professionals are highly imaginative and creative to design every living room with a unique touch


bed room

based on your taste and requirements, we can bring you a wide range of beds and colour theme to suit all types of bedrooms


dining hall

our focus is on picking the perfect dining table and chairs that will complements the living and other adjoining areas of your home


kids room

kids are always attracted towards colorful objects and their rooms. applying facinating color themes on kids room walls adds a lot of fun


wash room

our steam of professionals are highly imaginative and creative to design wash room with a unique touch in line with your ideas and taste



still there is lots of space which has a sense of designing with no particular identity stick to them & yet we love to design those.......... dramatically




contemporary front desks & lobby areas and a clever use of space will make your reception into a stylish environment. this is a first impression


director's chamber

the elements of design used in decorating the office space should be a reflection of who you are


conference hall

we design this space with complete taking care of ergonomics, cause a bunch of brilliant people sits together & take the right decision


work station

our interior designers can nicely transform huge space into a well managed work station area.


hotel & restaurant

by using state-of-the-art, top of the range fabrics and exquisite light, we will create a dazzling restaurant


show room

when you are planning to build a luxury show room we have the expertise to create an innovation design solution for you


need of an architect

Why do we need an architect? Can’t we make a house without an architect? Answer is “WE SHOULD NOT”
Because Architecture is a subject of an architect which he studies to design your house only. Readmore

about us

We at Jaipur Interiors work in the field of Interior Designing, Architectural Lighting Designing, Garden Landscaping and related consultancy services and known for its excellence and customer satisfaction.
Complete solution from the beginning of the property construction till its furnishing stage is being provided under one roof. This includes drafting the design of your property (house, villa, flat or any commercial establishment), interiors – furniture, flooring, elevation, false ceiling, kitchen designing, colour combinations and wallpapers etc.